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Sennheiser-CX 80S

Sennheiser-CX 80S

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Designed for Excellent Comfort

These in-ear earphones have been delicately designed in such a way that they guarantee you the perfect fit. The eartips that come along with this product allow you to choose a size that will fit your unique ear canal the best. This way you even get to customise your comfort. The cable length of these earphones is 1.2m long which is the standard cable length for most earphones.

One Button Remote/Mic

One Button remote enables the listener to pause music to take calls that are compatible with all devices.

Light Weight

Precision's eartips are small size and lightweight allows them to provide superior comfort and a firm fit while not straining your ears and being great for long term use.

Noise Isolation

The varied sizes of eartips help in noise blocking as they fill you ear canal properly leaving no space for external noise to enter and corrupt your music.

Easy Compatibility

The 3.5 mm jack makes these earphones compatible with all portable music devices. Now you can carry these earphones with any music player and receive the quality promise of Sennheiser with it.

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