UltraProlink UM0102 Boost10k 10000mah Power Bank

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Rs. 2,999.00
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From the manufacturer

Boost10k 10000mAh Power Bank


Best Travel Companion

Boost 10K an unique and different power bank as it is extremely slim and light weighted so that it can be easily Carried wherever a traveller goes without thinking of the space it might take.



Charge Your Device Quickly

Fast charging is a top most priority when on the road as a traveller cannot go without entertainment which only their smartphone can provide. But fast charging also has a negative impact on the power bank as it drains out the power bank faster than expected. But with Boost 10K it is not the case as it has 2.1A fast charging technology which would give the power bank 20% - 30% more charging capacity. The eye catching thing about this power bank is that it has all the 3 charging output that is lighting, Type C and Micro USB.



Airplane Safe

UltraProLink's Boost 10K is equipped with 37wH energy capacity making it safe for airplanes. While travelling long distance a traveller usually depends on their smartphone for entertainment. So, keeping it charged becomes essential but what if the power bank itself gets confiscated at checking? Well, this won't happen if you are travelling with Boost 10K.


Features and Benefits


Power Up Your Device Easily

Boost 10K can charge upto 2 devices at the same time. If you wish that your devices get charged faster, then it is always suggested to charge one device at a time so that you can enjoy the 2.1A current speed. But when you connect two devices the current gets shared in 1A+1A. At the same time if you wish to charge the power bank itself then you can use the lighting port.



Comes With LED Battery Meter

When a traveller's phone is on charge while they are enjoying some good music, they might check if their phone has been charged from time to time. Thus, Boost 10K's this feature would come in handy for them as it would indicate when their phone is charged fully.



Universally Compatible

Boost 10K is perfect for your travels as well as any smartphone that a traveller might own as it is universally compatible with all 5V devices.



Equipped With Multi Layer Protection

Boost 10K has multi layer protection technology which protects your device by preventing passage of excess heat,voltage or current which might cause short circuit.



Has Smart IC and Auto Voltage Regulation

Smart IC technology helps the connected device to recognize and configure to the most optimal charging current required at each port. At the same time the Auto Voltage.Regulation feature helps to stable voltage output as well as adjust it as per the requirements of the connected device.




The BOOST10Khas3 inputports by which you can charge the battery in it. Connect theMicroUSBcable provided in the box to any standard 2.1A Travel Charger. Alternatively you may choose to use aType-C Cable( not included)via the Type-C port ora Lightning Cable ( not included) to charge via theLightning port. Inallcases please ensure the charger output is 2.1A or more for efficient charging.Duringthis time the displayLEDswillflash indicating the charge levelstatus.When it’s fully charged itall 4 LEDs will remain lit.

Features & details

  • Boost10K 10,000mAh Power Bank
  • Extremely slim and light weight
  • Has 3 Charging Input Options and 3 outputs consisting of lighting, Type C and Micro USB
  • Has 2.1A fast charging capacity along with LED battery meter
  • Has 10.2W power capacity and 37wH energy capacity making it airplane safe
  • 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

Product information

UltraProlink UM0102 Boost10k 10000mah Power Bank - Premium  from E MIRA ROAD - Just Rs. 2999! Shop now at E MIRA ROAD
UltraProlink UM01...
Rs. 2,999.00